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You can shop the most beautiful gold earrings and ear jewelry Diamond Point

Earrings can complete your outfit. Evens jewelry can be an eye -catchers or serve as a subtle detail within your outfit. In the range of Diamond Point There are different types of earnighting in different colors, shapes and sizes. From subtle, small earrings and minimalist studs to large and striking statement earrings. All earrings of Diamond Point are manufactured in 14- and 18 carat gold. So you don't have to worry that your gold earrings will discolour. Gold earrings is an investment, but if you wear them "normally" and take good care of it you will enjoy it for years.

Minimalist earrings

A trend that you can hardly have missed: the minimalist earrings. These subtle earrings have been introduced a while ago and will continue for the time being. Minimalist earrings are suitable for every situation. For example, choose the earrings from the collection Timeless Treasures, these are a wonderful basis for a minimalist look. You can easily mix and match these ear plugs together. These earrings are available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, so very easy to combine with other jewelry from this collection. The gold ear plugs with diamonds or gems of Joy Also fit perfectly with your minimalist look. These small graceful earrings still provide a small spark in your ears. These gold earrings are set with ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond. In addition to the round (brilliant) grinding shape, the diamonds are also available in the grinding shape Princess, Marquis and Baguette. Enough options for your perfect minimalist earparty!


You can combine minimalist earrings with earrings, that's why we have a wide range of earrings. Diamond Point Has earrings in both larger variants and smaller, in different colors and thicknesses.

Gold and diamond earrings

Can your earrings stand out a little more? Then choose diamond earrings with a larger diamond. These are real eye -catchers. Let your diamonds grow and start a tradition with our years Groeibriljant collection. With our Groeibriljant jewelry you can do you every two years Groeibriljant Changing jewelry for a new piece of jewelry with a larger diamond. With a small budget you can still grow every two years to a piece of jewelry with a larger diamond.

Earrings with precious stones or color stones

If you like color, we also have an extensive range of special color stone or gemstone earrings. Choose your ear jewelry on your monthly stone. Mandate are a collection of color and precious stones that each represent for a month. These daily stones have each unique characteristics that have a positive effect on the health, love life or character on the bracket of the stone. Are you curious about which stone belongs to your birth month? read here More in the twelve -monthstones. In addition to these twelve sessions Diamond Point Also an extensive selection of other color stones.

Order earlier jewelry at Diamond Point

If you want to first view your selected earlets, visit one of our shops In the Bijenkorf. Do you want to be sure that the ear jewelry is in your desired shop? Order your earnings online and have it delivered for free and insured to one of our stores. When they enter there you will receive a message from our message and you can view the ear jewelry at your own convenience. In addition, we have extremely professional staff who can tell you everything about our jewelry, collections and how you can best to nurse So that they last for years.