Holiday Proposal

A Christmas to Remember

While the temperatures are falling to freezing, romantic feelings rise to the ultimate declaration of love: the marriage proposal. And what could be more romantic than a proposal during the holidays? In this magical period of love and being together, the most engagements therefore take place. Make Your Move and experience the magic of a Holiday Proposal. But how do you make the perfect proposal? We have listed a few original Christmas search for you. Take a look and be sure that your great love says "yes"!

Christmas Tree Decorating

Do you want to keep it intimate, but as romantic as possible? Then choose to make the proposal when you are setting up the Christmas tree together. This way you have quality time and moreover this means the start of a cozy and warm period. So the ultimate moment, because how do you start these magical weeks before Christmas better than with a marriage proposal? Do you want to make it a little more special? Then hang a Christmas bauble in the tree with the question on it and wait until your loved one notices. Another nice option is to hang the ring loose in the tree or to put it in a Christmas bauble and wait again patiently.

Make Each Day Count

Make your beloved excited with a Advent calendar. In this way your loved one can count down the days to Christmas and she or he is surprised every day with a small surprise. The biggest surprise is of course hidden behind the last box; A beautiful engagement ring. As soon as it is opened, you go to your knees.

Breakfast with Diamonds

It is almost not more fun than unpacking Christmas gifts on Christmas morning. Hot chocolate, cozy pajamas and a whole lot of wrapping paper make your expectant unsuspecting think that this is a Christmas morning like no other. The surprise is therefore large when a beautiful ring appears. You can then enjoy wonderfully under a warm blanket with a cozy Christmas film or after chatting at a tasty Christmas breakfast.

Love goes through the stomach

Whether it is with the two of them or with the whole family, a proposal at the Christmas dinner remains a classic option. To make the engagement personal it can be kept at home. Make sure you have a whole lot of candles, petals and delicious food to make this beautiful day even more sparkling. Of course a dinner in a restaurant is also possible. It is a little less private but a lot easier to arrange. At home or outside the door, ensure a romantic Christmas speech and pop the question! You can also choose to lay a Christmas Cracker for everyone at dinner, which contains an engagement ring with your great love.

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Take out! For example, plan a nice Christmas walk, where you will get a nice glass of mulled wine on the way before asking the question. Take a rug, some candles and a delicious bottle of champagne to dedicate the engagement well. Don't forget to bring a number of pillows and a knitted blanket so that you can enjoy the starry sky together.

Sliding One Knee

Do you like a little adventure? Then choose to make the marriage proposal during a night of skating. In the Netherlands there is plenty of choice in December when it comes to winter skating rinks. For example, take your love to the Christmas Village on Ice on the Museumplein in Amsterdam, where you can not only skate but also enjoy eating and shopping.

Ho, Ho, Holiday

Like to marry your great love to a beautiful Enchanted Ring during a romantic Christmas holiday. Paris, London or Milan, almost all major cities illuminate their streets during the holidays for an enchanting feeling. Not only large cities are popular, but also amusement parks such as Disneyland Paris and Efteling are perfect for this magical occasion. In addition, you could also plan a trip to a cozy Christmas market in the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium.

New Year Countdown

If you prefer not to do it during Christmas, but even before the new year starts, New Year's Eve is a special moment to go to knee. Provide champagne and oliebollen and ask your loved one to marry twelve to marry. Better than this you can't start the new year?!

Rings to say 'YES I DO' TO

And there you have it! If you look out for snow all year round, Jingle Bells and Christmas decorations, she/he has probably always dreamed of a beautiful winter proposal. During this magical period the best gift comes in a small, square box. Each of these marriage proposals will certainly let your great love say "yes".

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