Jewelry with a long delivery time

We attach great importance sustainability. We melt any residual stocks, but with the melting process, valuable metals can still be lost. To to prevent residual stocks, We limit our stocks. This means that we do not have all sizes, gold colors and designs in stock of every piece of jewelry. When you come across a piece of jewelry with a delivery time between 3 to 6 weeks, this means that the jewelry is made especially for youIn our studio. This takes longer before you can wear your jewelry, but you contribute to our intention to do sustainable entrepreneurship. Not satisfied with the jewelry? No problem. Even with jewelry with a long delivery time, you can see within 14 days of receiving the purchase if the jewelry is purchased online. 

Are you curious about how we manufacture the jewelry in our studio? 


Our studio

In our studio we still select all diamonds manual We look and inspect them all under the loupe.


Then the goldsmiths get to work to manufacture the jewelry. They treat every gram of gold and every diamond with the greatest care. The goldsmiths produce the jewelry completely by hand, using the necessary tools. They pour the settings from special molds, put the gems in the settings polish the gold for a beautiful shine. The result is a beautiful, traditionally manufactured jewel that can be worn forever.


Do you have a special wish for a piece of jewelry or would you like to fully customize your jewelry? Then take Contact With us so that we can discuss the options with you.