Our guarantee

Diamond Point only sells 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry, if stated otherwise. After we have manufactured our jewelry in our studio, every piece of jewelry goes to a guarantee institution (Stichting Edelmetaal Waarborg Nederland) with the exception of gold jewelry under 1 gram and silver jewelry under 8 grams. The guarantee approves each piece of jewelry for the sale of precious metal content. If the article meets the legal requirements, the Waarborg stamps a quality mark. The content brand indicates how much gold, silver or platinum is in the jewelry.

Guarantee law

Out -for -silver and platinum jewelry has been applied for centuries. These inspections are one of the oldest forms of consumer protection. The Guarantee Act of 1986 guarantees that an object contains the correct content of platinum, gold or silver from a certain weight, stating according to the law. In the Netherlands, according to this law, it is required to provide gold jewelry of 1 gram with a quality mark. For silver applies from 8 grams.

Gold content and carat

Gold can best be edited of all noble metals. Gold is therefore ideal for making jewelry. Pure gold is naturally a soft metal and therefore difficult to process into a piece of jewelry. To make the gold harder, other metals such as silver, palladium or copper are added. In Europe, the amount of pure gold, which is present in a jewel, is expressed in carat. Pure gold is called 24 carat gold; This means a value of 100% gold. 18 carat gold is a merger 75% gold and 25% of other metals.

14 carat (585/1000)
18 carat (750/1000)
20 carat (833/1000)
22 carat (916/1000)

Alloys below 14 carat may not be called gold in the Netherlands.

Gold irritation

It is very rare, but in some people a black spot can be seen on the skin after wearing gold. There are two simple explanations for this:

  • A change in the quantity and composition of skin acid can give a reaction to the gold alloy. This happens for example during pregnancy
  • The use of medicines and cosmetics such as hair spray, gel and perfume can cause irritation. Anti-Roos Shampoo in particular leaves a layer on the skin. This influences the jewelry.