Have you seen a nice bracelet online with us, but you don't know which size you need to order? No problem. We show you how you can select the right size. To choose the right size, you must first determine what your wrist size is. You can do this in two ways. Way 1 is to measure your wrist with a tape measure and way 2 is to measure your wrist with a ribbon or piece of rope. Curious how these two ways work? Then view our instructional videos below.

Method 1

Measurement bracelet size with a tape measure
  1. Grab your measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist, just below the lump on your wrist. Make sure it connects all around, but do not do this too tight.
  2. Read the number of centimeters on your measuring tape. This is your wrist size.

Method 2

Bracelet size measuring with a ribbon
  1. Grab a ribbon and a ruler
  2. Grab your ribbon at the end and wrap it just under the lump on your wrist. Make sure it connects all around.
  3. Take the ribbon on to the desired point with your thumb and forefinger, with which you hold the starting point of the ribbon. Then release the starting point of your ribbon. 
    Tip: you can also set a line with a pen. 
  4. Keep the ribbon against your ruler and see what your wrist size is. 

Method 3

Determine fitting comfort

You should have measured your wrist now. Now you can determine your bracelet size. For that you first have to determine your fitting comfort. You add a few centimeters on top of your wrist size. This depends on how tight or loose you want the bracelet. Use the table below. 

Fitting comfort Bracelet size
Tight Wrist size +1.5 cm
Normal Wrist size +2 cm
Loose Wrist size +3 cm

 We have a small example of how this table can be used.

  • Your wrist size is 16 cm.
  • You want the bracelet that you have seen is normal. You then add 2 cm extra to your wrist size. 
  • Your bracelet size is then 18 cm. 

Method 4

Determine bangle size

Do you have a Bangle bracelet on the eye? Then you can use the table below. Bee Diamond Point We use a size series from XS to L for the Bangle bracelets. In this table you can look up what size Bangle you have. 

Bracelet size Diameter bangle size Bangle bracelet size
15 - 16 cm 56 mm XS
16 - 17 cm 58 mm S
17 - 18 cm 60 mm M
18 - 19 cm 62 mm M/l
19 - 20 cm 65 mm L

Do you still have doubts about which size you are talking about? Then visit one of our shops close to you. Our sales employees are ready to help you with this. You can also fit the different sizes to see which one suits you best.