Caps Off, Sparkle On

A special achievement requires a special gift. Discovers the most -squeezing gifts for the graduates. Celebrate the performance and the beautiful future.



It's time for a sparkling party

La Dolce Vita

Celebrating good life

Start a new tradition

The last moments of the school people have arrived. Many students and students invest soul and bliss The last exams, exams and theses. What is a better reward for their efforts than a gift that lasts forever and grows along? Start a brilliant (s) tradition with Groeibriljant™!

With the Growth brilliants of Diamond Point Do you have the option of your jewelry more valuable To make: Let your Groeibriljant(and) grow! It works simple. Exchange your Groeibriljant within two years for a larger diamond. The growth rate (= the difference amount) is only 35% with a minimum of 150. Your larger diamond is always put in a new piece of jewelry. It is also possible to grow from jewelry to another piece of jewelry, for example from Groeibriljant ring Groeibriljant Oorstekers or pendant, or vice versa. You can change gold color with every growth.


The signet ring

The signet ring is a popular graduation gift and is often passed on as a family piece. Discover the seal rings with constellations, diamonds or only 14 carat yellow gold. 


Make it personal

Give a unique and meaningful gift such as a birthstone, initial or constellation. Choose a gift that will always be cherished and let them think back to one of the most beautiful days of her life.