Start your brilliant (s) tradition now!

Did you know Groeibriljant™ diamonds can grow? Not literally of course, but you can Groeibriljant™ jewelry do make it more valuable. How? Grow with Groeibriljant™ Jewelry means that within two years you can exchange your jewelry against a new piece of jewelry with a larger diamond. You only pay the difference amount.

How does it work?

With the Groeibriljant™ system you make your jewelry step by step. Within two years you can indicate at one of our shops or at our customer service that you want to grow to a larger piece of jewelry. Our colleagues can then advise you on a growth opinion, paying attention to the following conditions:


In return Groeibriljant™

It Groeibriljant™ system is used by several jewelers. Do you have a Groeibriljant Jewelry from another jeweler? Then you can also with that jewel Diamond Point grow further. We do use a higher percentage of additional payment. Interested? Take your jewelry and certificate to a shop nearby. Here too our colleagues can advise you on a growth opinion.

All our Groeibriljant Jewelry is made of 18 carat whiteyellow- or rose gold And the diamonds are all brilliantly sharpened. Are you curious about our Groeibriljant jewellery? Look at our assortment or use the choice aid tool below to Groeibriljant To find that suits you! 

Frequently asked questions

Calculate your next step

Suppose you have one Groeibriljant™ pendant with a diamond of 0.02 ct and wants to grow to a pendant with 0.15 ct diamond.

The 'old' pendant has one daily value from € 165,-

The price of the new pendant is € 760

Difference is € 595,-

You pay € 595 to grow your diamond.

It is met Minimum growth rate 35% and the minimum difference amount of € 150,-