Engraving options for jewelry

Make your jewelry personally through a beautiful engraving. Come and visit our store or contact us to view the options!


Make It Personal

Pouring a piece of jewelry symbolizes that your love is timeless. We naturally have the option to have your jewelry engraved. Make sure that not all jewelry is suitable for engraving. When in doubt, ask one of our sales advisors in the Diamond Point Shops Advice, or contact our customer service and be advised on jewelry engraving.

Curious about the possibilities?

Then scroll further down for the step -by -step plan and the options.


Step 2. Choose a template

Choose from one of our example templates and determine what you want to engrave into the jewelry. Think of initials, a special date or your first name or that of a loved one.

*The templates are not applicable to the rings. Curious about the possibilities for engraved rings? 

Which template makes your heart beat faster?

Step 3. Choose a font

*These fonts are not applicable to the rings. Curious about the possibilities for engraved rings? Then scroll further.

Block letters:

Step 4. Pass on your preferences

It is now time to bring your creation to life. 

Contact our customer service or visit one of our shops and pass on your preferences.