Our Heritage


Diamond Point is a family business that goes back for generations. The story of Diamond Point Starts in 1904. In that year, Sander van Gelder took over jeweler Schulmann & Jacovici. Van Gelder was known for his passion for beautiful diamonds.

From 1932, Sander van Gelder became a specialist of the import and export of watch and jewelry. From 1963 grandson Jack van Gelder tried the company and thus continued the tradition. In the 1980s the first collaboration began with De Bijenkorf, with Van GelderGroeibriljant Jewelry supplied the department store. In 1987 the first opened Diamond Point Shop-in-shop its doors in the Bijenkorf. Between 1989 and 2003, the Diamond Point Shops are looking forward to several Bijenkorf branches in other cities.

In 2013 Diamond Point A re-branding and has developed from house jeweler with watch brands and other jewelry brands to their own jewelry brand with years of experience and high quality.