Your Diamond Point Jewelry is made of the most beautiful gold, authentic gems and beautiful diamonds. Give this beauty the love she deserves so that you can wear her every day and even give it to subsequent generations. 

Professional cleaning and checking

By wearing the surface and the precious stones of your jewelry can become duller. It is also possible that a piece of jewelry continues to crochet behind clothing, so that a setting can bend. With a little accident you can lose a gem. We therefore advise you to have your jewelry checked professionally at least once every six months in one Diamond Point Shop. We also immediately clean your piece of jewelry in a special vibrating pool that vibrates the dirt from your jewelry. Unfortunately we cannot clean pearl jewelry. We offer you these services free of charge. Our shop employees are experienced in the maintenance of your jewelry and are happy to help you! 

Care tips 

  • Be the first to finish your jewelry when you get home and lastly when you leave
  • If you do not wear your jewelry, keep it in the jewelry box or bag
  • Remove your jewelry when you put perfume/lotion/oil/cream on it
  • Wear delicate jewelry extra carefully, because they can continue to crochet behind clothing, for example.

14k/18k gold

Gold is a valuable metal that does not oxidize or discolours with normal use.

Use a toothbrush and a non-abrasive cleaning agent to gently brush your gold jewelry. Avoid contact with pale and other household cleaning products, because this can discolour the gold.

White gold

You brush a white gold jewelry just like a yellow gold jewelry. However, white gold usually requires a little more care while wearing. Most white gold jewelry is rared to whiten the gold. White gold is not mined out of the ground, but is made. The natural color of gold is yellow. White gold is a mixture between gold and another material, in most cases silver and palladium. The mixture that then forms is yellowish in color. To make it nice white, the jewelry is then provided with a rhodium layer. In addition, the Rhodium also acts as an extra protective layer. This layer of Rhodium can wear out over time. When wearing jewelry, and especially from rings, small scratches occur every time, so that a little bit of rhodium is removed every time. The speed at which this happens depends entirely on the carrying behavior. So be careful with abrasives and rough surfaces.

Does your white gold jewelry start to turn yellow? Then the layer of Rhodium is a bit worn. External factors can speed up this process such as perfume, lotion, oil, cream, skin acidity and sleep with your jewelry. This can be solved by applying a new layer of Rhodium. Costs are charged for re -roding a piece of jewelry.


Diamond is older than life on earth and the hardest material on earth. No wonder that diamond symbolizes eternal love! Even a diamond can split if it is hit hard from a certain angle. Therefore, handle your diamond jewelry carefully.

Mix 6 parts of water with 1 part of ammonia and use a soft toothbrush to brush your diamond jewelry. 

Gems and color stones

Our gems and color stones are valuable for their beauty and rarity. Although many precious stones are hard, stone types such as amethyst, emerald, opal, pearl, peridot, tanzanite and tourmaline are very delicate and can be damaged more easily than harder noble and color stones. Precious stones can also damage other precious stones. Therefore, avoid wearing different rings with brother gems together. 

Color and precious stones are not a fan of warm water or chemicals. The sun can also ensure that a gem discolours. Therefore, carefully brush the gem and setting with a toothbrush and cold to lukewarm water. 


Pearls have been loved for their modest beauty for thousands of years. Pearls grow up in freshwater mussels and consist entirely of mother -of -pearl. 

Bright light, warmth and chemicals influence the shine of pearls. Pearls are often attached with glue in a setting. When such a pearl jewelry comes into contact with high temperatures, such as a sauna, showering, heat through the sun, the glue can melt and release. It is therefore advisable to dismiss pearl jewelry during such activities.


All our jewelry is manufactured by hand in our own studio. Despite the care of our goldsmiths, a production error can arise. On you Diamond Point You therefore have a 2 -year warranty after the purchase date. This warranty on production errors does not affect the legal warranty. The warranty does not include damage as a result of use or storage of the jewelry, such as bumps, scratches or other damage. readhereMore about the warranty on your jewelry. 

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