Sustainable entrepreneurship

We believe that craftsmanship goes hand in hand with responsibility for and respect for the sources from which our jewelry arise. A guarantee of quality and monitoring of the production chain is therefore essential; From gold and diamond mine to our client.

We are working on a policy to maintain high moral, ethical and social standards within our company. We will never support (conscious) activities that are associated with corruption, fraud, environmental pollution and child labor. We also ensure that the companies with whom we work together are kind to people and the earth.

To apply a successful due diligence policy, we do the following:

  • We have made known to our studios abroad with companies that are familiar with the OECD guidelines and work as well as possible according to these guidelines. We do not do business with companies that support activities that are harmful to the environment or are contrary to human rights or interfere with fraud and corruption
  • Diamond Point Encourages her studios to be certified at the RJC or to buy fine gold from companies that are RJC or LMBA certified. The Responsible Jewelery Counsil (RJC) is an international company that certifies companies in gold and jewelry industry in the field of sustainability, human rights, working conditions and ethical business practices
  • During the working visits of Diamond Point It is considered whether the studios work according to the OECD guidelines
  • Diamond Point Asks evidence to all its studios to adhere to the OECD guidelines in the form of certificates (RJC), audit reports and statements.


In December 2020 Diamond Point The Responsible Gold Covenant signed. With participation in the covenant Diamond Point for a responsible international gold chain and hopes Diamond Point With this participation to increase the transparency about the origin of gold. Companies and organizations that sign the responsible gold covenant commit themselves to identifying and combating abuses in the production chain. This also means for Diamond Point That we look critically at our gold chain. Diamond Point commits itself with the signing of the covenant to work towards a responsible gold-value chain by working in line with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance. The OECD is a partnership of 36 countries to develop social and economic policy. The affiliated countries try to solve joint problems.

The covenant is a joint effort of a broad coalition of government, jewelers, recyclers, smelters, social organizations and goldsmiths.

On the website of the IMVO covenants:

Sustainability plays an important role in the operational management of the jewelry brand. Jack van Gelder, CEO of Diamond Point: “We not only want to guarantee the high quality of our jewelry, but also ensure that our raw materials come from legitimate and trusted sources. A guarantee of the quality and monitoring of the production chain is therefore essential; From gold and diamond mine to our client. Participation in the gold covenant fits in seamlessly with this ambition. We look forward to working together with other parties from the sector on a responsible chain. ”

Part of the gold what Diamond Point Processed in jewelry is supplied by Schöne precious metal. This supplier was accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) as good delivery refiner for gold and silver, audited for the Responsible Gold Guidance. This audit confirms that Schöne Edelmetaal's activities take place in accordance with this Responsible Gold Guidance.

The Responsible Gold Guidance requires, among other things, policies and methods that demonstrable that the gold offered for recycling does not come from the conflict areas in Africa or otherwise has to do with violation of human rights.

Schöne Edelmetaal is also one of the signatories of the IMVO covenant "Responsible Gold".

Diamond quality

Synthetic diamonds have been available on the market for a number of years. These diamonds are difficult to distinguish from natural diamonds. Diamond Point Only sells natural and honest diamonds. To give a 100% guarantee on the authenticity of the natural diamonds and that the diamonds have been obtained in a fair way Diamond Point Only diamonds of legitimate and trusted sources. The diamonds are also tested one by one for authenticity. This is done with special equipment from DRC Techno, We can distinguish every synthetic diamond from a natural diamond. In this way we are assured that we offer 100% natural diamonds to our customers.

We are a member of the Association Beurs for the Diamond Trade, affiliated with the World Federation of Diamant Beurzen (WFDB), the Dutch jewelers and timepieces industry and the Jewelry and timepieces Disputes Committee.

Stock limit

We attach great importance to recycling. We melt any residual stocks, but with the melting process, valuable metals are lost. For this reason we limit our stocks. This means that we do not have all sizes, gold colors and designs in stock of every piece of jewelry. In the event that you encounter a jewel with a delivery time between 3-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks, this means that the jewelry is made especially for you in our studio. That is why it takes longer before you can wear your jewelry, but you do cooperate in our intention to do sustainable entrepreneurship.