Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Surprise your loved one with a suitable gift for every anniversary year.


First year: Gold

It is a year since you got married and that can be celebrated. Give your loved one a gold jewelry during this moment. Are you going for classic? Then choose a yellow or white gold jewelry. Do you want a more romantic look? Then go for rosé gold. 


Second year: grenade

Grenade has the color of love and stands for a commitment and dedication. The perfect gem for the two -year wedding anniversary. Since the Victorian era, grenade has been given as an expression of love and loyalty. 


Third year: Pearl

Cherish the marriage just like an oyster his pearl. The pearl is traditionally the gift for the third wedding anniversary. A classic that has been around for many years. A keeper just like your pearl. 


Fourth year: Topaz

Traditionally, Topaz is known as the stone of love and prosperity. The stone is available in countless colors, just like the countless forms of love in your marriage. The gem has an 8 on Mohs's hardship scale and therefore a perfect gift for the four -year marriage. 


Fifth year: Saffier

The sapphire is one of the "Big Four" Gentle The second hardest stone after diamond. This rich gem is available in different colors, whereby the royal blue is seen as the most valuable. 


Tenth year: diamond

The tenth year of a marriage is a milestone. It is not surprising that it is accompanied by a diamond. In addition to its beauty, the sparkling gem is also the most powerful gem on the Mohs scale. Choose a diamond ring or a necklace or earrings. Make it extra specially by your loved one groeibriljant To give, which grows in your marriage. read here more about. 


Fifteenth year: Robijn

"The king of the precious stones". The perfect gift for your queen (or king of course). This beautiful gem has been loved for a long time and symbolizes love, passion, courage and emotion.


Twentieth year: emerald

Smaragd stands for reflection, growth and peace. The building blocks of a strong marriage. In addition to the symbolic properties, the gem is a true sensation. The lively green color steals the show. Seal your 20th marriage jubilee with an emerald.