Let yours GroeibriljantGrow

You have been wearing your Groeibriljant™ jewelry with a lot of love. It starts to itch: your diamond may be a bit bigger! Because you have chosen one Groeibriljant™ Jewelry can be growing your diamond. On this page you can read everything you need to know about your next step.

Ready, Steady, Grow!

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Let's Grow!

With your next growth you naturally want to see that your new diamond is strikingly larger. Below you can see different carat weights and a diamond according to true size. Visualize your next step with this. Of course there are other carat weights that are not displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calculate your next step

Suppose you have one Groeibriljant™ pendant with a diamond of 0.02 ct and wants to grow to a pendant with 0.15 ct diamond.

The 'old' pendant has one daily value from € 165,-

The price of the new pendant is € 760

Difference is € 595,-

You pay € 595 to grow your diamond.

It is met Minimum growth rate 35% and the minimum difference amount of € 150,-