Tips for buying wedding rings

Finding the right wedding rings is still quite a challenge. They come in all shapes and sizes. It is wise to know in advance what you want and what suits you. We are happy to help you with these 9 tips!

Start on time

Some wedding rings must be ordered or designed. It is therefore important to start searching and buying wedding rings on time. On average, bridal couples start 6 months before the big day, so there is enough time.

Limit the choices

Wedding rings are worn every day. Before you go shopping together, list everything for yourself. Do you want diamond Or other gems? A yellow gold, white gold or roségouden ring? For example, make a Pinterestboard for inspiration and take the images to the jeweler. This way you can brainstorm together about what you want and the matching offer.

Consider shape and size 

Consider in advance what shape and size you want. If the groom is not used to wearing a ring, it can still be difficult for him. Let him get used to wearing a ring. That way he can find out what he wants. A ring of a thicker size feels different from a narrower ring.

Together or alone

If you want to wear the wedding ring next to the engagement ring, it is of course extra beautiful when they match. For example, an engagement ring with an oval -shaped diamond matches very well with a simple wedding ring. A Classic solitary ring looks great with the added sparkle of a diamond Alliance Ring. Do you wear the wedding ring on the other than the engagement ring? Then choose a ring that in itself attracts enough attention.

Keep your own lifestyle in mind

Your lifestyle also determines the type of ring. Do you exercise a lot or do you play an instrument? Then it is wiser to look for a slimmer ring. Do you work a lot with your hands? Then a simple ring without precious stones is a good idea.

Choose the right material 

In the past, wedding rings were mainly purchased in classic yellow gold. Nowadays, wedding rings can be designed in different materials. Bee Diamond Point we have wedding rings in it golden, white gold and rose gold. Do you wear a lot of jewelry in a certain color? Then a wedding ring in the same color would match well.

Find your rings together

Sorting out wedding rings is best to do together. Plan a day or a weekend, set out together and try a few things. View different styles and variations before you make a final decision. A tradition is that the bride buys the wedding ring of the groom and vice versa. So make the wedding ring Shopping Trip as fun as possible!

Mix It Up 

No worries if you like white gold and your partner of yellow gold. There is no rule that says that the wedding rings must consist of the same material. There are also wedding rings that consist of white and yellow gold. The rings can still match by, for example, having an inscription engraved in it. The design also does not necessarily have to match. Do you like more bling and your husband to be more simplicity? Then opt for a wedding ring that fits your own style. It is ultimately the intention that the jewelry is worn for the rest of your life and it would be a shame if you were not satisfied with this.

Love what you buy

You wear wedding rings for the rest of your life. Are you in doubt about the ring? Have you already visited several jewelers and still no match? Then look a little further before you make a final choice. Do not buy a wedding ring if you have doubts about it. Patience is a good thing and with the times everyone finds the perfect wedding ring.