Pay with old gold

In the four step -by -step plan below we will explain how to place an order in the Diamond Point Online store.

If you have found a beautiful piece of jewelry at Diamond Point, it is possible to exchange your old gold jewelry in part on the new piece of jewelry. Your old gold jewelry has a high trade -in value with us.

How does it work?

Purchase a piece of jewelry Diamond Point And pay up to 50% with old gold. You will receive the trade -in value of the old gold as a discount amount on the new piece of jewelry. Your gold jewelry is inspected if you wait. We work together with precious metal Waarborg Nederland (EWN).

What do I receive per gram?

The price per gram of gold depends on the gold content:

Temporary action!

14 KRT Gold = € 32 per gram, now for € 36,-
18 KRT Gold = € 41 per gram, now for € 46,-
20 KRT Gold = € 46 per gram, now for € 51,-
22 KRT Gold = € 50 per gram, now for € 56,-
24 KRT Gold = € 55 per gram, now for € 61,-

Price changes subject to change. 

Example for example

New jewelry: €720,-
10 grams 14 krt gold -/- €360,-
You pay: €360,-


  • Some jewelry can only be valued if the non -golden parts (for example the timepiece of a gold watch) are removed.
  • Diamond Point Can end this promotion prematurely.
  • Exchange gold not possible on jewelry on which a promotion/offer/discount applies.
  • Exchange gold is not possible i.c.m. Groeibriljant in return. Exchange gold is possible with a first Groeibriljant purchase. 
  • The purchased piece of jewelry cannot be exchanged or returned. Upon exchange, your old gold automatically becomes owned Diamond Point.