A ring size is a size that stands for the inner circle of a ring. It is of course important to know the right ring size if you order a ring. We usually think that we will remember our ring size, but we often forget this. Different countries use different standardized systems for the ring size. We keep the European ring sizes On, it stands for the number of millimeters of the inner circle of a ring. Size 50 therefore means that the inner circle is 50 mm.

Method 1

Determine ring size using the Diamond Point ringsizer

Method 2

Determine ring size using a different ring


The simplest way is to take a well -fitting ring to the Diamond Point Shop or a jeweler in your area. With a ring pole we can measure the right ring size. It is also possible to measure the inside size (the diameter of the inside of your ring) yourself. You can then find the size using the table below. Because it is millimeter work, this value can still differ from the correct ring size. Also make sure that a wide ring feels a bit tighter than a narrower ring. It is then possible that a ring of a size larger also fits well and that even your own size is too small. Conversely, this also applies: a very narrow ring feels more spacious than a wide ring. If the size turns out to be incorrect, we recommend that you contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities.