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Rings with citrine Diamond Point

Are you looking for something other than a transparent gem or Diamond ring? Would you like to wear something with more color? Then take a look at our yellow gold rings with citrine. Citrien is a gem of yellow or orange/brown -like color. It creates a beautiful monotonous effect combined with yellow gold. The rings are designed in such a way that it radiates a timeless and chic look. In addition, citrine rings can be combined well with different materials and therefore also beautiful in combination with other jewelry. 

Citrien is regularly processed in different collections of Diamond Point. For example in the Queen Bee Collection, in which Citrien is often the center in different jewelry. The bright yellow and orange colors match well with the matching themes. It gives the jewelry a generous appearance. 

Citrine meaning

Citrien has a warming effect and is used to produce strength and positive energy. It can be used for, for example, diseases and people who have a certain fear. It can be seen as a vitalizing stone for everything that lives!

Furthermore, the name Citrien comes from the citrus fruit, because of its clear yellow color. Citrien stones can also have a more orange and brown tint. The stones with an orange tint are generally more valuable. The original gems that have naturally received their color in a natural way are also worth more and very rare. As a result, it often becomes amethyst or smoky quartz Used and burned into a certain yellow/brown color (these stones can then also continue as citrine).

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From Diamond Point We only process gems of the highest quality in our rings. We therefore have a wide range of yellow gold citrine rings. Take a look at our website or visit one From our 7 Diamond Point Shop in the Bijenkorf branches