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    Roségouden rings Diamond Point

    Are you looking for an alternative to the classic White gold and yellow gold rings? Then take a look at our rose gold collection for ladies. The roségouden color is determined by the composition of the materials used. It is often thought that white gold and rose gold rings do not contain gold because the yellow gold color is missing. This is not entirely true. Rings generally do not consist 100% gold. This would make the product too fragile. Materials are added, such as silver, palladium or copper. This also determines the color of the product. The higher the percentage of silver or palladium, the whiter the end result. Adding copper results in a redder look, giving you rosé gold rings. Developing yellow, white or rose gold jewelry is called "the alloy of gold". Our rose gold rings therefore mainly consist of 14k gold. This way the ring stays good for longer. 


    Stacking jewelry is totally hip nowadays. You don't have to stick to one type of material or color at all. This way you can wear rosé gold on one hand and yellow gold on the other. For example, do you have one rose gold ring and are you not sure if this fits yellow and white gold? You don't have to worry about this either. Combining different materials is very trendy in recent years. 

    Different looks and collections

    In addition, it also fits very well with different precious stones. At the Joy collection is used rosé gold to create trendy rings and in the Four Seasons The Roségouden Rings have a more classic look. The Rose Golden Ring with Diamant is a big favorite among the classic looks. Are you looking for a somewhat fresher or younger look? Then choose the pink gold ring with pink stone. 

    View our roségouden rings online or in our shops

    In short; Rosé gold is completely hip. For young people, the elderly, male, female and couples. If you find it difficult to make a choice online or do you want to admire the jewelry first? Then you are very welcome in one of our shops In the Bijenkorf branches. Our colleagues are happy to help you further!