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    Buy yellow gold rings at Diamond Point

    Rings are one of the most viewed jewelry on our website. Mainly yellow gold rings are very sought after. Yellow gold jewelry is highly appreciated in connection with the shelf life, quality, and of course the rich golden color. The unique features ensure that jewelry (made of gold) are retained their value over the years. Bee Diamond Point We sell excluding 14 and 18 carat yellow gold rings. Many people think that the more gold you process in jewelry, the better. This is not true, because gold is naturally soft. The more gold is processed in jewelry, the greater the chance that it will break/damage.

    Gold jewelry

    In chemistry, precious metals are described as metals that do not suffer from acid and oxidation. This keeps the material (with careful use) good for hundreds of years. However, a select number of metals such as gold, silver and platinum have this property.

    The discovery of gold is awarded to the ancient Egyptians. Many excavations and discovery can be traced that the Egyptians were already far before their time using gold. For example, gold was used as a means of payment and processed in many jewelry and household accessories. Gold also occurs everywhere in the world. The top 3 gold -producing countries are China, South and North America. 

    In addition to real gold, gilded gold is also used by many jewelry brands. A piece of jewelry with a high content of gold is very expensive. Gold gold is used as an alternative. The jewelry of a cheap material is made, whereby a thin layer of gold is then applied over it. However, with much use and contact with water, the yellow gold color will fade.

    Buy your yellow gold ring Diamond Point

    Bee Diamond Point You can go for different types of yellow gold rings. So we have in the Joy collection of hip and trendy yellow gold rings and in the in the Fiesta Real eye -catchers! Yellow gold rings can also be combined well with different gems. The most popular option is the diamond. The yellow gold ring in combination with a diamond is one of the most classic and sought -after types of rings. This model also often occurs in engagement rings. In addition to diamond stones, yellow gold can of course also be combined with different precious stones. From an emerald to a peridot, it is all possible with a yellow gold ring. 

    Are you looking for a beautiful yellow gold ring? Then take a look at our website or visit one of our shops! Our colleagues are happy to help you make the right choice!