Birthstone August: The Peridoot

Monthly stone: Augustus


The Peridot Was the favorite gem from Cleopatra. The green gem would delay the aging process. The peridot stands for dignity, loyalty and honesty, protects against nightmares and gives wedding happiness. This beautiful gem is available in a wide color scala from yellow-green to brown-green. The peridot is also called "olivine" or "chrysolite". Peridoot is actually the French name for Olivijn. Chrysolite is the Greek word for "gold."

History of the peridot

In ancient times, peridot was mainly found by the Red Sea. In ancient times it was believed that the peridot was a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate a new world. Egyptian priests drank a special drink, "Soma", from Koms van Peridoot. They believed that this could bring them closer to the goddess of nature, Isis. They also called it "the stone of the sun". Greeks believed that the peridot brought royal dignity to his wearer. Today, peridot is mainly from Norway and Arizona, but it is also found in China, Myanmar and Pakistan. Peridote precious stones smaller than three carat are common, but precious stones above 5 carat are rare and therefore also have a higher value.



Jewelry with peridoot gems ensure a fresh addition to your look. Lime green makes young and is playful. It creates a sense of anticipation and helps to release the thoughts of negativity. Wear a nice ring with peridot elements and feel the peace that the stone propagates. Combine peridote ear jewelry with a gray dress for a lively outfit. To add a peridot ring to clothing with natural colors for extra sparkle. Make your outfit extra radiant with this stone of the month!

When live gives you lemons ...

The peridot stands for power, growth, influence, fame, love, truth, loyalty, honesty, dignity and protection. When a peridot is given as a gift, the stone seems to be calming against nightmares. You would also experience more strength and more influence in wearing the stone. The green gem would bring a marriage happiness. In addition, the peridot would give you self -confidence and physical strength. Furthermore, it heals the lungs and lymph nodes, repels fear and depression and the peridot improves the effect of medicines. 


About the stone of the month

Precious stones have been worn as a piece of jewelry for decades. It is therefore interesting to get to know the history behind the stone. Many cultures and people also assign magical powers to precious stones. They serve as a talisman and the stones would improve or protect your life. Moreover, if you wear the stone that fits your birth to birth or constellation, the effect is even more powerful. Properties are also attributed per stone species that match the person born in the month. It is therefore extra fun to choose a gem that strengthens your character, or from the person for whom the gift is. The peridot is part of the month of August and is therefore a perfect gift processed as a jewel for someone born this month.