Birthstone February: the amethyst

Monthly stone: February


The beautiful purple amethist Before our era, it was praised for its color and healing effect. During the 19EEUW, the amethyst was mainly used by Victorian jewelers in necklaces, brooches and other jewelry. Soon the amethyst became the most coveted gem within the world of jewelry. The color of the amethyst varies from light to dark purple, depending on the place where the gem was found. Both Catherina the Great and Leonardo da Vinci were pleased with this stone, partly for its cleaning effect.

History of the Amethyst

Amethist is a special stone that was used by the Egyptians and Romans in jewelry and amulets. The Aztecs also praised the stone and incorporated the amethyst into their graves. In the Middle Ages, clergymen used the amethist against witchcraft and sorcery. Because the stone was so loved by high clergy, he was known as the "bishop stone." Medieval knights wore the amethist as an amulet because the stone would have a healing effect and the wearer would continue to offer a cool head.

De amethist in de Griekse oudheid

De naam amethist stamt af van het Griekse amethystos en betekent “niet dronken”. De Grieken en Romeinen geloofden dat wanneer men uit een amethisten beker zou drinken, men niet dronken kon worden. Bacchus was de Griekse god van de druiven, wijn en het dronkenschap. Het verhaal gaat dat hij verliefd was op een nimf die door de Godin Diana ter bescherming in een witte steen werd veranderd. Bacchus schonk wijn over deze steen waardoor het de bekende paarse kleur kreeg. Deze edelsteen kennen wij nu als de amethist.


Amethyst: Warm, Glamorous Touch

Available in shades ranging from lilac to royal dark purple, the amethyst is an attractive gem that can be combined with both white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. The amethyst serves as an ideal gem for jewelry, because the stone exudes both warmth and glamor. The purple color of the gem creates a sunny sparkle that is perfect for an outfit for the day. Combine the stone with a black, white, green or pink color for a harmonious look. Colliers with an amethist pendant are the perfect addition to a simple outfit, with skinny jeans and a T-shirt. Amethyst earnings can be combined with many types of outfits, but come out extra nicely in a more formal setting, such as with a beautiful, feminine tailor -made suit. The purple color of deamethist makes blue eyes seem more purple, it emphasizes green eyes and brings warmth and liveliness into brown eyes.

A range of purple tones

The color of the amethyst can vary from light to dark purple. This depends on the light and the location. Amethist from Uruquay and Arizona usually has a deep purple blue color, while the Siberian amethyst often contains more red and blue tones. Amethist is found in many different countries, the most important of which are the most important Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Congo, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, the United States and Zimbabwe.

Bekende amethist 

Amethist is de steen van sint Valentijn en die van trouwe geliefdes. Sint Valentijn zou een ring van amethist dragen met de afbeelding van Cupido erop. Als de amethist gedragen wordt als verlovingsring dan zou dit staan voor trouw. Als de steen gedragen wordt als hanger dan zou deze verloren liefdes terugroepen. Ook in staatsjuwelen is de amethist een veelgebruikte steen; Catherina de Grote liet de steen verwerken in haar scepter. Leonardo da Vinci was ook zeer te spreken over de amethist en schreef dat de steen de intelligentie verbeterd en slechte gedachten verdrijft.


About the stone of the month

Precious stones have been worn as a piece of jewelry for decades. It is therefore interesting to get to know the history behind the stone. Many cultures and people also assign magical powers to precious stones. They serve as a talisman and the stones would improve or protect your life. If you wear the stone that fits your birth to birth or constellation, the effect is even more powerful. For each type of stone, features are also attributed to stones that match the person born in the month. It is therefore extra fun to choose a gem that strengthens your character, or from the person for whom the gift is. The amethyst is part of the month of February and is a perfect gift incorporated into a ring for someone born in February.