Difference between white gold and silver


Are you looking for jewelry and do you doubt between white gold and silver? To help you make a well -considered decision, we described in this blog what the difference is between the two. The difference is in the composition, sustainability and the price.


Silver is a chemical element with the "AG" symbol and the atomic number 47. In nature, silver occurs both in pure form and in combination with other elements. In jewelry, silver is usually used in its pure form (Sterling silver), which means that it consists of 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% of other metals. In our blog Diamond Point Academy: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold We have already described that white gold is created by the alloy of pure gold. During this process, white metals such as palladium, silver and rhodium are added to gold. This results in gold jewelry with a silvery appearance. It is therefore not surprising that people do not see the difference so quickly.


White gold is generally harder and more durable than silver, especially when it is finished with a Rhodium layer. This makes the jewelry suitable for daily use. Silver, on the other hand, is softer and more sensitive than white gold. It can therefore be much easier to show scratches and wear compared to white gold. Silver is also not precious metal such as gold. This means that silver jewelry can suffer from oxidation. This can make the jewelry black and dull. 


White gold has a silvery color, similar to platinum or silver. This is due to the presence of the alloy metals and the rhodium finish. Silver naturally has a silver -gray color and contains a characteristic shine and reflection.

Unfortunately, oxidation with silver jewelry is almost impossible. This is a natural process, creating a chemical reaction when silver comes into contact with hydrogen sulfide. This is a gas that occurs everywhere in the air. Oxidation can also take place through the acidity of your skin and your care products. Especially in the summer months, this process accelerates, due to the high humidity, perspiration and coming into contact with sunscreen. Even if you do not wear the jewelry, oxidation can occur. It is therefore important to store them well. You may already guessed it. Silver jewelry needs a lot of care.

With white gold jewelry, the warm yellow color can become more visible through the acidity of your skin over time. The speed of this process differs per person. Compared to silver jewelry, white gold jewelry retains their color better and they are less sensitive to discolorations.


In addition to the color and durability, there is also a difference in price. The price for a kilo of gold is higher than the price for a kilo of silver. White gold contains a percentage of pure gold and other metals such as palladium and rhodium. Gold is also seen as a scarce good, so that the price is also a bit higher. 


Choose between white gold and silver

When choosing between white gold and silver, it is important to take into account the different properties of these two metals and your personal preference. This can certainly affect your purchase decision. Although the two are reasonable, nevertheless they are very different. Are you looking for a silver -colored piece of jewelry and does the price play an important role? Then silver can be the best option for you. Or do you prefer a piece of jewelry that you can enjoy for a long time? Then choose white gold. White gold jewelry will last longer and need less care. 

Bee Diamond Point We have chosen not to offer jewelry of silver. The quality and life of our jewelry is our top priority. With silver jewelry we cannot guarantee this. To also offer silver -colored jewelry that meet our standards, we have white gold jewelry in our range. This way you can enjoy your beautiful silver -colored jewelry for many more years.