Hearts & Arrows:The perfect grinding shape

Diamonds have been formed in many qualities in the last millions of years. The four Cs help to determine the properties and value of a diamond. The sharpening (cut) is an important part of the 4 Cs. Only one in million diamonds is suitable for being sharpened Hearts & Arrows. Grinding and polishing a diamond is a traditional process. The grinding of a Hearts & Arrows Diamant takes twice as long and this craftsmanship can only be performed by the very best diamond sharpeners. The result is so beautiful that the diamond literally excels.

What makes a Hearts & Arrows Diamond so special?

A Hearts & Arrows Diamant is so perfectly sharpened that the reflection of the facets creates kaleidoscopic patterns. All factors of these diamonds are so in harmony that a perfect pattern of it is a perfect patternEight symmetrical arrows from above and eight symmetrical hearts from below can be seen. The proportions and corners fall between very precise limits and the symmetry of the diamond is perfect. All 57 facets must be just right, because the smallest difference can disrupt the effect. The result is an unparalleled beauty: a unique pattern, an enchanting sparkle, the highest possible brilliance and intense fire. The light reflection makes an H&A diamond look larger and lively than any other diamond. With the purchase of a Hearts & Arrows Jewelry you will receive the special Loupe.

Symbol of happiness and perfection

The eight uniform hearts and arrows patterns of a Hearts & Arrows diamond are associated with happiness and spirituality. The number eight is a lucky number in Asian culture, but also hangs together with the Buddhist "wheel of Dharma", the spiritual perfection From Buddhism. Apart from the spiritual meaning, the beautiful pattern can be appreciated by everyone who loves beautiful structures. The diamonds symbolize it sense of perfection and precision of the diamond cutter, and the ultimate beauty in a diamond.


The Perfect Cut For The Perfect Woman

The exclusive Hearts & Arrows Diamonds are not for everyone. They are for those who only settle for the very best, for themselves or a loved one. For perfectionists looking for exceptional diamonds. The perfect grinding shape for the perfect woman.