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How do you use a vibration pool?

Give your Diamond Point Jewelry the love they deserve. They also occasionally need a spa day to shine again. You can do this in two ways.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning in the Diamond Point store

Bring your jewelry to one of our location for The Ultimate Deep Cleaning. Your jewelry is professionally checked and then they are immediately cleaned in a special vibrating pool. The dirt is removed and your piece of jewelry shines again. With the exclusion of pearl jewelry, we unfortunately cannot clean them. We offer these services free of charge. We recommend that you do this half -yearly. Look at here Which shop is near you.

How can I do this at home?

Purchase our pocket vibration, for the ultimate Spa day at home. Our vibration, the Ultrasonic Cleanser, is ideal for home. This way you can clean yourself whenever you want. Note: not to be used for pearl jewelry. Read on to see how you can do this at home. 

read here More about all care tips and advice per precious metal, gemstone and color stone. 

Step by step explanation - vibrating pool


Extra steps to take care of your jewelry

Care set

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