Our craftsmanship

Diamond Point emphasizes craftsmanship, in which we design and manufacture the 14 and 18 carat gold jewelry largely in our own studio. The designers are inspired by the beauty of nature, female forms, influences of distant cultures, contemporary art and timeless patterns.

After the design process we work out the jewelry carefully. We look at which gems we put in the jewelry, which gold colors best match the design and spend extensive time on the detailing. We still select all diamonds by hand where we look and inspect them all under the loupe.

Then the goldsmiths get to work to manufacture the jewelry. They treat every gram of gold and every diamond with the greatest care. The jewelry is made entirely by hand, using the necessary tools. They pour the frames from special molds, put the gems and polish the gold for a beautiful shine. The result is a wonderful jewel that is traditionally manufactured and can be worn forever.

Do you have a special wish for a piece of jewelry or do you want to fully customize your jewelry? Then take Contact With us so that we can discuss the options with you.