Report December 2020 to July 2021

In December 2020 Diamond Point The Responsible Gold Covenant signed. With participation in the covenant Diamond Point for a responsible international gold chain and hopes Diamond Point With this participation to increase the transparency about the origin of gold.

Has last year Diamond Point mapped out which studios have certified at the RJC and to what extent the studios adhere to the OECD guidelines and have their own insight into their supplychain. This has Diamond Point Done by sending a questionnaire to suppliers.

The following results have come from this:

Primary questionnaire: 72%

Familiar with OECD Guidelines*: 50%

Familiar with own supplychain*: 56%

RJC certified*: 33%

Buy gold via RJC/LMBA certified company*: 61%

*Part of our studios has not yet responded to the questionnaire.

The 3 largest studios where 80% of the Diamond Point Jewelry is manufactured are RJC certified and the gold they use comes only from refineries/companies that are LMBA/RJC certified.  

The coming year will Diamond Point Trying to map which refineries our studios work together with. Are these refineries linked to recognized sector initiatives such as CMRT, RMI or LBMA? And are these refineries certified by the RJC or RMI?