How do you take care of pearls?

Give your Diamond Point Jewelry the love they deserve. They too need extra attention to shine again.

Care tips pearls

Pearls have been loved for their modest beauty for thousands of years. Pearls grow up in freshwater mussels and consist entirely of mother -of -pearl. 

Bright light, warmth and chemicals influence the shine of pearls. Pearls are often attached with glue in a setting. When such a pearl jewelry comes into contact with high temperatures, such as a sauna, showering, heat through the sun, the glue can melt and release. It is therefore advisable to dismiss pearl jewelry during such activities.

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Once in a while it is also good to clean your pearls. Bee Diamond Point You can purchase our care set, including the "Pearl Care Kit". The kit contains a damp pearl cloth and a luxurious microfiber pearl cloth, with which you let your pearls shine. 

Step by step explanation - Pearl Care Kit


Step. 1

Package "Diamond Point Jewelry care set "there and use the" Pearl Care Kit. "Do you not have it at home? Then purchase the set here.