The difference between 14 & 18 carat gold

What exactly does the difference between 14 and 18 carat gold mean? Jewelry of 18 carat gold contains a higher percentage of pure gold than 14 carat. 18 carat gold is therefore more valuable than 14 carat. Mixing gold and other materials is called "alloy" of gold. Read more about alloying gold and creating jewelry in this blog.

Gold jewelry

Jewelry almost never consists of pure gold (24 carat). This is because gold is a very soft material. If a piece of jewelry consists of a too high content of gold, then it is more likely that it can break or damage it. The higher the gold content in a jewel, the more vulnerable. That is why we sell at Diamond Point Only 14 and 18 carat gold.

During the alloy, silver, copper or palladium is often added to the gold. The gold content/carat is determined by the percentage of gold. Below you will find an overview of the different carats and the percentage of gold.

24 carat gold: 99.99% Gold
22 carat gold: 91.6% Gold
20 carat gold: 83.3% Gold
18 carat gold: 75% gold
14 carat gold: 58.5% Gold

Yellow, white and rosegouden jewelry

The alloy of yellow, white and rosegoud also depends on the percentage of silver, copper or palladium that is mixed with gold. For example, palladium, silver or zinc are added to the gold for alloying white gold. For Rosegoud this is mainly silver and copper. Having a white, yellow or rosegouden piece of jewelry has no further influence on the gold content. A yellow and white gold ring of 14 carat have the same percentage of pure gold.