What is the difference between a diamond and brilliant?

Often a diamond is thought of the beautifully sharpened stones that is put in jewelry. However, the term 'diamond' stands for the type of stone and a brilliant is the name for the grinding shape. Diamonds are sometimes called "brilliants", but this is actually not true, because a diamond can be sharpened in a different grinding shape than brilliant. The brilliant is the most famous and beloved grinding shape.

Brilliant sharpening

Brilliants are widely used in jewelry and is also the most popular grinding shape for engagement rings. In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky discovered a new mathematical method for grinding diamonds during his studies. In this way the diamonds were optimally reflected by the incoming light, by the 57 facets and the angle under which the facets were cut. The brilliant sharpening was born. The light that shines through the diamond breaks, and spreads in a beautiful color scala. The diamonds are therefore really sharpened in a brilliant way.