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White gold rings

The color of a piece of jewelry is determined by the composition of the materials. Many people think that white gold and rose gold are put together by a different matter than, for example, yellow gold. This is not entirely true. Jewelry mainly does not consist 100% gold. This would make the product too fragile. Materials are added, such as silver, palladium or copper. This also determines the color of the product. The higher the percentage of silver or palladium, the whiter the end result. Adding copper results in a redder look, giving you rosé gold jewelry. Developing yellow, white or rosé gold jewelry is called "the alloy of gold". 

White gold rings can be used for all circumstances. It is a timeless look that you can find in wedding ringsengagement rings and rings. For example, white gold wedding rings and engagement rings are increasingly seeing. It is a trend that will not curb in the coming years, but will expand. Couples choose this version more often, because in combination with diamonds/stones extra shines. Furthermore, it also matches other metals and stones. Because it is white in color, you can combine it well with yellow and rose gold jewelry. 

Benefits White Gold

In addition, white gold rings have a larger advantage than silver. White gold rings are generally harder than silver. This is especially nice to prevent your jewelry from distorting. This also makes it more scratch -resistant. If your white gold ring is damaged once, it is easier to do a silver ring. Incidentally, white gold has the same look as Platinum. The advantage of white gold over Platinum is the price, white gold is generally cheaper than Platinum. 

White gold rings at Diamond Point

With white gold rings of Diamond Point You will receive an original certificate. This certificate shows the value of the product. A legal warranty also applies to each product. If the received item after a certain period show a factory error, then you are entitled to a warranty 2 years after purchase. 

Our white gold rings also have a layer of Rodium. This ensures that the jewelry stays white and does not discolour. Ultimately, the jewelry always contains gold, which naturally has a yellow color. This can shine through over time with white gold jewelry without a rodium. It is possible that the layer of Rodium "wears" off over time. This allows the yellow golden glow to shine on. You can simply with your jeweler past the jeweler to apply a new layer. 

Bee Diamond Point We have a wide range of white gold rings. By clicking on the "rings" category and then filtering on "white gold", you will see the entire range of white gold rings on our website. For example, a large part of our white gold rings are equipped with diamonds. In addition, we have copies with different shapes and colors of precious stones. Our white gold rings are also made of at least 14 carat white gold. This makes the rings extra strong and sturdy, which means that they will last for life for life. 

Our collections with white gold rings

Do you want to give a white gold ring as a gift? Then this is of course also possible. White gold rings are timeless jewelry that can be served during every occasion. Diamond Point Has a wide range of engagement rings, decorative rings and seal rings. This way you can be sure that there is always a white gold ring in between that matches your wishes. 

For example, are you looking for a classic ring? Then take a look at our GroeibriljantHearts & Arrows or Starlight collection. Do you prefer a trendy ring? Then you would be the popular collection Joy or Little Drops Being able to view for jewelry aimed at today's trends. In addition White gold rings with diamond Also very popular. 

All our white gold rings can be combined well with items from different collections. So you could style this with our white -gold braceletsWhite gold earrings and necklace. All our white gold items from different collections can also be combined well. For example, a white gold bracelet from our Joy collection fits very nicely with a white gold diamond ring from the Hearts & Arrows collection. 

A selection of our range of white gold jewelry is also always in the display at all our shops In the Bijenkorf branches. Are you interested in a white gold ring? But you do not yet know which ring size you have or are you still looking for what kind of model you want. Then visit one of the Bijenkorf branches to get inspiration. Our colleagues are happy to help you further!