Birthstone November: The Citrien

Monthly stone: November


Citrine Is a fairly rare lemon -yellow variant of quartz, which usually owes its beautiful yellow color to embedded iron and sometimes to aluminum. Citrien is also known as the "healing quartz" by the ability to calm and reassure people. It can make negative feelings disappear and increase the imagination. It would also help against lifelessness and perspiration. It is even called the "trader stone" because the gem would bring prosperity to his wearer.

History of the Citrien

Between 300 and 150 BC, the yellow gemstone in Greece was spoken for the first time. The name Citrien is derived from the Latin word "Citrina" which means yellow. The word "Citroen" is also derived from this. In the Middle Ages, various yellow stones were named Citrien. However, in 1546 the German scientist Georgius Agricola (1494 - 1555) reserved this name for yellow quartz.

Gold as Lemons

The citrine is available in a wide range of color, from light yellow to a fairly dark brown/orange color. In the past, depending on the color, the citrine was also called Madeira Topaas, Golden Topaz or Topaz from Bahía. This is not true because the topaz is a completely different mineral. Citrien is found the most in Brazil, Madagascar and former Soviet Union. The color of the stone depends on the location.

Lang en gelukkig huwelijk

Met een hardheid van 7 op de Mohs schaal (waarbij 10 het hardst is), is de citrien een vrij sterke kleursteen waardoor het een ideale edelsteen is voor everyday wear,zonder bang te hoeven zijn voor beschadigingen. De citrien zou ook voor een lang en gelukkig huwelijk zorgen. Dit is dan ook de reden waarom citrien graag in hangertjes en ringen wordt gezet en gedragen. Daarbij valt citrien prima te combineren met verschillende kleuren: zo droeg Kate Winslet oorsieraden en een collier met citrien bij een metallic grijze jurk naar de Oscars in 2010. Ook Kate Middleton is vaak gespot met oorsieraden met citrien. Neem een voorbeeld aan hen en fleur je outfit op met een deze gele edelsteen van deze maand!


About the stone of the month

Precious stones have been worn as a piece of jewelry for decades. It is therefore interesting to get to know the history behind the stone. Many cultures and people also assign magical powers to precious stones. They serve as a talisman and the stones would improve or protect your life. Moreover, if you wear the stone that fits your birth to birth or constellation, the effect is even more powerful. Properties are also attributed per stone species that match the person born in the month. It is therefore extra fun to choose a gem that strengthens your character, or from the person for whom the gift is. The Citrien is part of the month of November and is a perfect gift incorporated into a ring, necklace or ear jewelry for someone born in November.