De term ‘karaat’ staat voor het gewicht van een diamant of andere edelsteen (1 karaat = 0,2 gram). Een karaat wordt onderverdeeld in honderd punten en wordt altijd in twee decimalen uitgedrukt (1.00 karaat = 100 punten). Grotere diamanten worden minder vaak gevonden dan kleinere diamanten. Daarom is een diamant met een gewicht van bijvoorbeeld 1.00 karaat waardevoller dan het totaalgewicht van 2 kleine diamanten van elk 0.50 karaat.

Diamond carat

The carat, often abbreviated as 'CT', is one of the most famous and immediately recognizable characteristics of a diamond. It refers to the weight of the diamond and plays a crucial role in determining the value and size of this precious gem. The word 'carat' comes from the use of the grain of the Johannesbroodboom as a historical unit for weight, due to the remarkable consistency in size and weight of these seeds.

A carat equals 200 milligrams, or 0.007 ounces. Although the weight in carat is a measurable value, it is important to note that the size of a diamond does not increase linearly with the carat weight. In other words, a diamond of 2 carat is not twice as large as a diamond of 1 carat; It will seem slightly larger, but not twice as big.

The weight in carat is an important factor in determining the value of a diamond, but it must be balanced with other factors such as grinding quality, color and purity to assess the general beauty and sparkle of the stone. This means that a large carat weight may not be as valuable as a diamond of smaller carat size with excellent grinding quality and brightness.

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