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    Shop the most beautiful golden switch chain at Diamond Point

    A switch chain in gold forms a good quality basis for your jewelry box. Hang a subtle switch chain a nice gold pendant, possibly set with diamond or another noble or color stone. Or wear a switch chain without a pendant for a refined and simplistic look. The switching chains of Diamond Point are made of 14 carat yellow, white, or rose gold. In contrast to chains that have been gilded or made of another cheap material, these chains do not discolour. That is why the switching chains are of Diamond Point A nice investment.

    Different types of links

    There are different types of links that you can choose from for your switch chain. For example, four different types of links are available at Diamond Point, Namely the anchor link, the Jasseron Schakel, the Gourmet Schakel and the Venetian link. The anchor switch chain consists of lying and standing links that are crocheted and therefore very strong. The Jasseron Schakel resembles the anchor link in terms of confirmation, but distinguishes itself by the round or oval shape of the links. The gourmet link is often round and flat and the links are close to each other, so that the gold of this chain often shines nicely. The Venetian link chain also shines nicely and is very sleek. The links have the shape of a block. What is your favorite switch chain?