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    Pearl earrings

    Pearls have been very popular for centuries. The reason for this is that pearls have unique properties that cannot match any other gemstone. Jewelry of natural pearls reflect the light and give the wearer a beautiful shine. The rich and fascinated history of the pearl also makes this gem unique.

    Bee Diamond Point This sparkling beauty is processed in many jewelry. Diamond Point Has a wide range of pearl earrings, pearl buttons, pearl earrings hangers and large pearl earrings. The most famous species is the freshwater pearl, but Diamond Point Also incorporates other pearls in her jewelry. So Diamond Point A beautiful collection of earrings with tahiti pearls. The Tahiti Pearl is a natural pearl in dark pearl colors with a metallic -like glow. The Tahiti Pearl is grown in French Polynesia to which the pearl also owes its name.  

    The beautiful Rivièra collection is one of the bestselling pearl collections of Diamond Point. This pearl collection, inspired by the French coastal town, consists of pearl earrings, pearl chains and pearl bracelets. Pink quartz, aquamarine or diamond gold show off next to the pearls, which give the skin an extra glow through the reflective light of the pearl.

    History of the freshwater pearl

    The pearl is intertwined with many cultures and every culture has its own myste myth about the pearl. For example, Greek mythology, ancient Egypt and the Hinduod Krishna all have their own story about the origin of the pearl. Many cultures and people also have certain forces to the pearl. They serve as happiness symbol and the stones would improve or protect life. De Pearl stands for honesty, insight, acceptance and integrity. With stress and negative feelings, De Pearl helps to accept these emotions and leave them for what they are.

    Pearl earrings, an all-time favorite

    You are always in the right place with "A Touch of Pearls". Pearls are classy and modest and contain the deepest secrets of the sea. Pearls have therefore been loved for their modest beauty for more than six thousand years. Pearl earrings and Pearl Colliers Were a precious piece of jewelry in the 19th century. Only the ladies from the higher classes could afford a pearl jewelry. They mainly wore pearl collectors of irregular pearls. Iconic women from the past such as Jack Kennedy, Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn had an enormous love for pearls. Who does not know the iconic image from Breakfast at Tiffany where Audrey Hepburn is casually posing with a cigarette and an elegant pearl cord around her neck? Pearls are still a beloved fashion accessory and De Pearel finds himself out every time. It may be clear that with a nice pearl necklace or a few pearl earrings you never miss the shelf.

    Monthly stone freshwater pearl

    The freshwater pearl Is the monthly stone of June; The perfect birthday gift for the year -olds in the month of June! With a few beautiful pearl ear plugs you have an original and special gift for the birthday boy in June. The pearl has unique properties and a healing effect. If it is your birthday in June and wearing the pearl, the operation would be even more powerful. Properties are attributed to stones for each type of stone that match the person born in the month.

    How do you take care of your pearl ear jewelry?

    If you wear earrings with pearls, avoid contact with light and heat. The pearl can be dull because of the light. Pearls are often attached with glue in a setting. When a pearl jewelry comes into contact with high tempratures, such as in a sauna, while showering, or heat by sun, the glue can melt. This allows the pearl to let go. When sleeping and exercising, take out your pearl earrings and keep them in a jewelry pouch or box. Do you want to take care of your pearl jewelry with extra love? Then buy a prepared pearl keeper bee Diamond Point With which you make your pearls shine again.