Diamond shapes


What is a grinding shape?

The grinding shape of a diamond is the shape in which the rough diamond is sharpened before the diamond is processed in a jewel. There are many different forms in which a diamond is sharpened. The most famous grinding shapes are, for example, the brilliant, Princess, Baguette and Hearts & Arrows.

The value of a diamond is determined on the basis of four factors, the 4Cs:

  1. Cut (grinding shape)
  2. Color (color)
  3. Clarity (brightness)
  4. Caratweight (carat weight)

Of these 4Cs, the grinding shape is the only factor that people can influence. It requires craftsmanship and even mathematics to transform a rough diamond into a sharpened diamond. For example, the diamond cutter has to deal with perfect proportions, finish and symmetry. This is important because these factors determine the sparkle and the "fire" (the refraction and reflection of the light of the diamond).

What types of sharpening shapes are there?

A diamond can be sharpened in various forms of which the brilliant grinding shape is. However, there are many more sharpening shapes that each have unique features. We have listed the most famous grinding shapes and their special features for you.



Also called "De Ronde Diamant": the most famous and most popular grinding shape with 57 facets. With its exceptional sparkle and modern, timeless appearance, this shape can be seen many engagement rings and other jewelry.



The baquette grinding shape is elongated with a quadrangular facet -cut surface. The sparkle of the diamond mitigates the straight lines. With its light, the baguette sharpening creates a kind of "halls of mirrors" effect that ensures an elegant and refined appearance.



The breathtakingly beautiful cushion -shaped diamond is known for its large facets and rounded corners, which makes the sparkle of the diamond optimal. The shape and sharpening emphasize the intensity and color of diamonds and other color stones. The sharpening is a perfect mix of traditional design and modern technology.



In a word; unique. The Emerald has a rectangular grinding shape in which both the pavilion and the corner points are ground. The Emerald Diamant is very similar to Debaquette Diamant but consists of more corners. The Emerald Diamant consists of 48 to 50 facets.



The ultimate symbol of love is seen in a grinding form as the most romantic form of diamond.



The Marquis Sharing shape has 58 facets, is long, narrow, and runs smoothly to the ends. The sparkle comes from the center of the diamond. This grinding shape makes fingers and hands look longer and narrower. This sharpening shape is a real eye-catcher.



Oval diamonds have almost the same sparkle as the round brilliant. This grinding shape consists of 56 facets and because of the oval shape, rings with the oval diamonds and fingers look longer and slimmer.



The pear (or shuttoque) grinding shape has the shape of a raindrop. It is therefore a combination of the round diamond and the Marquis sharpening shape and contains 58 facets.



Specially designed to get a maximum sparkle from a square shape. A Princess Diamant consists of 76 facets. Due to the traditional appearance with a modern twist, this grinding shape is also often used in engagement rings. Practice for the modern-day royalty!