Birthday Gifts

On birthdays we celebrate the next year of life of the people we love. Surprise her with a luxury gift that she will enjoy for years to come. From classic to personal designs. Discover the gift ideas and make her happy.

1. Marigold

The Marigold stands for optimism, passion and success. A good starting point to herald the new year of life of the loved one in your life.

2. Joy

With Joy you are the sunshine in the house. Give a Joy Sieraad as a appreciation of warm friendship and love.

3. Zodiac Colliers

Make It Personal! Give a necklace with a constellation as a gift. The necklaces at the top are equipped with the star figure and on the inside the sign from the zodiac. 


4. Hearts & Arrows

A piece of jewelry from the Hearts & Arrows collection is the perfect birthday gift for the loved one who only settles with the very best. Every diamond in this collection is exceptionally beautiful and perfectly sharpened.

5. Groeibriljant

Start the life of the loved one in your life with a new tradition. Give a Groeibriljant™ jewelry that can become more valuable step by step. 


6. Alphabet

The Golden Alphabet Colliers are a real must -have! Choose your own letter or that of someone dear to you. Perfect to give as a birthday gift!

7. Queen Bee

The collection is an ode to the independent, ambitious and hard -working women of this world. In addition, part of the proceeds from each bee design goes to The Pollinators.