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    Discover your gold or diamond necklace

    Colliers and necklaces shop Diamond Point

    Chains, or necklaces, are beautiful jewelry that you wear around your neck. Diamond Point Has many gold chains in the range, both in yellow gold and white gold and rose gold. The jewelry of Diamond Point are only made of 14 or 18 carat gold. For example, a gold chain for ladies is a wonderful investment, because it does not discolour and always remain beautiful with normal use. Jewelry of other quality, such as gold gilding jewelry, discoloring over time and is therefore a less good, timeless investment. The jewelry of Diamond Point have been inspected and have a stamp of the guarantee in the jewelry. That way you know for sure that you bought a 14 or 18 carat gold jewelry.

    Minimalist necklace

    Looking for a minimalist chain? Then take a look at one chain with letter. Very nice to wear your own letters, or that of a loved one. The letters are made of 14 carat gold and you can opt for a letter with or without brilliant cut diamonds. Initials chains are really a must -have and extra fun because they are personalized.

    Minimalist chains You can combine perfectly with each other. For example, wears three chains among each other, creating a nice layered effect. For example, wear a necklace at the top of Joy with a brilliant cut diamond, a letter collier in the middle, and a longer at the bottom Marigold necklace.

    Chain with diamond

    Add luxury to your look with a chain with diamond. These chains are more than worth the investment, because they always remain beautiful. Because in general most people first look at your face, a necklace stands out around your neck of all jewelry most. If you have a beautiful diamond in this chain, this will be a real eye -catcher. Bee Diamond Point there are many different diamonds available, such as the perfectly sharpened Hearts & Arrows diamonds, but also the Groeibriljant Diamonds that you can grow within two years.

    Chain with monthly stone

    Also very nice around your neck: a Birthstones Chain set with your monthly stone or the monthly stone of a loved one. Multi stones are gems or color stones that are assigned to a certain month. Every gem has certain properties that would have a positive effect on its carrier. These properties are reinforced when you wear the gem of your birth month. Are you curious about what your birthstone is? Look at here Then the monthly stone page. Every piece of jewelry from the Birthstones collection has been set with brilliant sharpened monthly stones. The smaller variant is nice subtle, in the larger variant the monthly stone stands out. Also view the heart -shaped Birthstones Pendants set with monthly stones. 

    Take care of the necklace

    If you're your chain takes care Do you enjoy it forever and you can even pass it on to subsequent generations. It is important that you take off your necklace in the evening before bedtime. Especially a nice necklace is sensitive; It can break if pressure is carried out in wrong places. Therefore, take good care of your jewelry to make sure that they will not break. Bee Diamond Point Can you have your chain cleaned and checked as often as you want by the sales advisors in the shops.