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    Solitary rings

    Engagement rings of Diamond Point

    Shop The perfect engagement ring For your great love for the most beautiful question of life. Diamond Point has a large assortment of diamond engagement rings. Choose the design that fits your loved one most. Bee Diamond Point You can easily find the perfect engagement ring online. Choose the material material, for example white goldgolden or rose gold. Then make a choice whether you want to have the ring set with diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, or a combination of multiple stones. Also choose the sharpening shape, the shape in which the stone is sharpened, via the filter menu. 

    The most popular grinding shape for an engagement ring is one brilliantly sharpened gemstone. You can recognize this sharpening shape by the round shape and is the most used grinding shape among diamonds. It is another popular grinding shape for an engagement ring Cushion sharpening. The Cushion sharpening shape looks the most like a pillow due to the square shape and rounded corners. look at the Hearts & Arrows collection For the most beautiful Cushion engagement rings. Looking for something specials? Then choose the one Princess cut diamond. This square grinding shape is specially designed to get a maximum sparkle from a square shape.

    Do you need some help with your choice? Then read our handy step -by -step plan to buy the engagement ring. Would you like to get more advice when searching for the perfect engagement ring? Then visit the Diamond Point Shop in your area. We are happy to help you find the ultimate engagement ring.

    Golden engagement ring

    Do you still doubt whether you want to go for a silver or a gold engagement ring? We can really recommend choosing a gold engagement ring. Gold stays beautiful for longer than silver and is therefore a more expensive, but much more sustainable, investment. Do your loved one love the silver color than a golden color? Then choose an engagement ring made from white gold. These rings have been eroded. That means that a layer of gold has been applied over the yellow gold in the white gold color.

    Diamond engagement ring

    The solitary engagement ring Is the most popular model under diamond engagement rings. With a solitary engagement ring, the diamond is the eye -catcher of the ring. Because the diamond is put in the middle of the ring, it attracts all the attention. The solitary engagement ring has a classic look and can be perfectly combined with a Alliance wedding ring. Diamond Point has a wide range in solitary engagement rings. The solitary engagement rings from the exclusive Hearts & Arrows collection are for the woman who only takes the best pleasure, because the diamonds from this collection are cut to perfection. The diamond engagement rings from the Groeibriljant collection You can grow within two years to a ring with a larger diamond (you no longer have to think about an Anniversary gift).

    Looking for an affordable engagement ring? Then view the solitary engagement rings from our Enchanted collection; The brilliant cut diamonds have been put in a special setting, which creates the illusion of a larger diamond. The Starlight collection also has beautiful affordable engagement rings.

    Engagement ring with sapphire or ruby

    Beautiful all those white diamonds, but does your loved one more color? Diamond Point Has beautiful engagement rings with sapphire or ruby, or amethyst. For example, view the Ensemble collection For beautiful golden engagement rings with color stones. Or take a look at the Since 1904 collection with beautiful vintage engagement rings set with sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald.

    On which hand do you wear an engagement ring?

    An engagement ring is always worn on the ring finger. The ring finger of the left hand is directly connected to the heart with a vein, so in the past the engagement ring was worn on the left. Nowadays the engagement ring is still worn on the ring finger, but both the left and the right hand. After the wedding, the engagement ring can be changed to the other hand, to carry together with the wedding ring.

    The belief can also play a role in wearing the left or right hand. For Catholics, for example, the engagement ring goes from the right hand to the left, while in Protestants the ring moves from the left to the right hand.

    We advise you to wear the ring on the ring finger that you feel comfortable with.

    Some questions you might have to have about engagement rings:

    1. What does an engagement ring cost?
      Bee Diamond Point do we have engagement rings for every budget. Our Joy collection For example, consists of affordable gold rings with a diamond, from 225. Also view our Starlight collection, for beautiful solitary rings with different settings from 375. Within our Enchanted collection Shop your engagement rings with diamonds that look like one big diamond due to the special fitting technique. Shop within our Hearts & Arrows collection and Solitary collection engagement rings with a wider budget.
    2. Can I have the engagement ring engraved?
      That is certainly possible! Keep in mind that the ring can no longer be returned after engraving. Take Contact our customer service If you want the ring engraved.
    3. In which ring size should I order the engagement ring?
      Are you in doubt about the ring size of your boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem! The easiest way to determine the ring size is to measure a well -sitting ring or to have it measured in one of our shops. Please note that it is a ring that your loved one carries around the ring finger where the engagement ring comes. If your loved one already knows about the proposal, you can order our ringsizer to measure the ring size. read here Even more tips.