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    You can shop the most beautiful pearl necklaces Diamond Point

    You are probably inspired by style icons Jackie O and Coco Chanel, who were swore decades ago with pearl chains. According to Coco Chanel, every woman needs "Ropes and Ropes of Pearls". Bee Diamond Point Are you at the right place if you are looking for a real pearl chain; You can easily find a 14 or 18 carat gold necklace with pearl. A necklace with pearl is available with different types of pearls, such as black Tahiti pearls, white or pink freshwater pearls, but also Gold -colored ZuidzeeParels. If you need some more help to come to the right choice, you can always be advised by our sales advisors or customer service. You therefore undoubtedly buy a pearl chain buying Diamond Point.

    Freshwater pearl: monthly stone from June

    All precious stones would each have good effects on people. A gem is assigned to every month. If you then wear a piece of jewelry with the monthly stone From your birth month, the gem would have an extra strong effect on you. The freshwater pearl is the monthly stone of June. Pearls would bring warmth and softness and have a purifying effect on a stomach and digestive tract. A pearl necklace is therefore the perfect gift for someone born in June. What a nice gesture if you want the recipient good health in this way in the form of a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    Why are pearls so special?

    Pearls are so special because it is the only precious stones made by an animal. In addition, once a jewel looks just like how the pearl is found. So, unlike other precious stones, a pearl does not have to be sharpened. Pearls have therefore been loved for 6,000 years. In the past, pearls were won by pearl fishermen at the risk of their own lives that they showed up in the sea. Nowadays not anymore. Natural pearls that are made naturally by molluscs in an oyster are hardly found. Nowadays, pearls are grown and cultivated pearls are called. A core of a shell with a piece of tissue from another oyster is inserted into and oyster or freshwater mussel. The oyster then drops around this core, creating the pearl. This is completely animal -friendly. After 2 years, a pearl can be harvested and not all pearls can be used for jewelry. That is why pearls are still rare.

    How do you take care of pearl challenges?

    It is important to take good care of your pearls and to handle them carefully. That way you can pass on your pearl jewelry generation to generation. Watch out with pearls especially with light and heat. Both influence the shine, color and attachment of the pearls. Due to heat, the glue with which pearls are usually mounted in a jewel can release. Therefore, do not wear pearl necklaces while showering, exercising or during high temperatures in the summer or vacation. Light influences the shine of pearls, which can make them dull. Fortunately you can use it pearl keeper by Diamond Point Let your pearls shine again. If you do not wear your chain with pearl, it is best to keep it in the box that you received when purchasing.