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    You can shop pendants with color stone Diamond Point

    You can shop the most beautiful pendants with stone Diamond Point. From pendants with diamonds to colored gems or color stones; Your dream hanger is undoubtedly in between. For example, take a look at the Queen Bee collection. Instantle about the beautiful designs of bees set with black and white diamonds and citrine. The Rhapsody consists of striking hangers set with smooth color stones such as moonstone and topaz. A real eye -catcher around your neck! The Fiesta collection is somewhat like the Rhapsody collection, but is more subtle in size.

    Sag with monthly stone

    Also beautiful: one Birthstones Pendant set with your monthly stone or that of a loved one. Multi stones are gems or color stones that are assigned to a certain month. Every gem has certain properties that would have a positive effect on its carrier. If you wear your monthly stone, it would reinforce these properties. View here which color stone belongs to your month and immediately shop the jewelry from the Birthstones collection that has been set with this monthly stone.

    Buy your pendant Diamond Point

    Diamond Point has been an expert in diamonds and gold jewelry since 1904. Have you found a beautiful pendant with stone in the webshop of Diamond Point? Order this online or take a good look at the pendant in one of the shops. You can have the pendant delivered for free and insured both at home and in one of the shops. You will receive the jewelry in a luxury gift box.