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Spangen and Omega Colliers

A spang necklace is a piece of jewelry that stays beautifully around on the neck. The chains are often flexible and can therefore easily be hung around the neck and are also comfortable around the neck. A spang necklace is smooth and shiny and therefore forms a rich base to provide a loose pendant. You can wear a spang or omega necklace over a nice top, on a dress or even as a luxury detail on a sweater.

The Spang Colliers of Diamond Point from the Timeless Treasures collection are made of 14 carat gold and are in themselves a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is also possible to attach a pendant to the necklace, such as a diamond pendant. Because the pendant hangs quite high around the neck, this has a special effect. The Spang Colliers from the Enchanted collection have already been set with diamonds. The diamonds from the Enchanted collection have been put in their setting via a special move technique, making the whole look like it is a large diamond. The Spang Colliers from the La Dolce Vita collection Are also beautiful, because diamonds are put on the necklace itself in an elegant shape. In short: you can shop the most beautiful golden spang necklace Diamond Point!