Our Jewelry: Limited Edition

Queen of Hearts Ring

Introduces every year Diamond Point A limited edition ring especially for Christmas. This year we are inspired by the many heart queens in the form of sweet grandmothers, self -sacrificing mothers and special daughters and created the Queen of Hearts Ring, set with a perfect Hearts & Arrows Diamant. This makes the Limited Edition Christmas Ring the dream ring of every heart queen - the ultimate gift for a beautiful Christmas.

Lose Your Heart To The Queen Of Hearts

The fairy -tale Queen of Hearts Ring conquers hearts with its enchanting sparkle. Diamonds in a Halo setting surround a sparkling Hearts & Arrows Diamond and create a dazzling light phenomenon. On the side of the ring a wealth of diamonds sparkles into a magical spectacle.

The Perfect Cut For The Perfect Woman

The middle diamond of the Queen of Hearts Ring is the most perfectly sharpened Hearts & Arrows Diamant. The ideal proportions and the perfect facets of this diamond create an extraordinary effect of 8 arrows at the top of the crown and 8 hearts at the bottom of the diamond pavilion. With a special loupe, hearts and arrows become visible in the diamond.

The Story Continues ...

Has been designing since 2005 Diamond Point A unique ring in an exclusive limited edition, specially manufactured for the festive month of December. Every year with a different ring and a different story. So designed Diamond Point In 2014 the Limited Illumination Ring, inspired by the ultimate beauty of women. Then created Diamond Point In 2015 the Lotus Ring, which makes natural beauty flourish. This year the tradition continues with the Queen of Hearts Ring.

Complete the look

Finish the Queen of Hearts Look with the Queen of Hearts Collier and Oorstekers. The necklace and the ear plugs have also been set with a dazzling Hearts & Arrows Diamant. Beautiful from all sides with this beautiful Christmas set. The jewels are also available separately.

Will you be one of the fifty Queens or Hearts?