Trends: Summer 2023

Summer is the perfect moment to show your sense of fashion. Jewelry should certainly not be missing, whether you are dressing for a special occasion or to give your outfit an extra sparkel, jewelry is the ideal accessories to complete your look. 

To make it a little easier for you, we have selected what the fashion trends are this summer, so that you can shine under the warm sun. We have listed a few for you. The trends all revolve around expression and personalization. The era of modest and subtle jewelry makes way for more statement and more daring items. 


Find your glow for this summer!


Beads & Pearls

Summer screams pearls and beads. This trend keeps returning every year and we love it! If you go for the Beach Look or just for a refined look, it is both possible. Make your own beaded necklace or bracelet for the cute beach vibe or choose pearls with an organic shape for a more Summery chic look. Let your creativity run free and make the most beautiful combinations.


Hope Earrings

Hoops Don't Lie! And are on tonight. Earrings are timeless and keep coming back every year. This year it is all about the big and broad earrings. Go for the classic gold rings or choose playful earrings with a unique design. Spice up your outfit and highlight your beautiful face with nice earrings. 


Pinky Rings

The smallest finger should not be missing. This may also be seen. Pinky Rings have something cool. They give a statement in themselves. Whether you are a simple or a big one seal ring Wears, your look immediately has a different appearance. You immediately look fashionable. This alone with a pinky ring. If you have sleepy and quickly attracted something, put on a pinky ring. It gives the illusion that you have spent more time in your outfit. Do you see a ring that you like, but isn't it a pinky ring? No problem, buy the ring in the size of your little finger. Et voilà, you have a pinky ring. If you don't know what the size of your little finger is, order our ringsizer.