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    Golden Bangle Bracelets

    Bangle are beautiful bracelets that are suitable for wearing every day. They are a perfect addition to any outfit. They are oval, smooth, non -flexible bracelets. These bracelets are usually made of gold, silver or steel. Bangle bracelets are nicely loosened or combined with other bracelets. Bee Diamond Point Do you find the most beautiful gold and silver Bangle bracelets of the highest quality.

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    • Bangle Bracelet Gold
    • Bangle Bracelet White Gold
    • Bangle Bracelet Rosé Goud

    Origin Bangle Bracelet

    A Bangle bracelet was previously called slave bracelet. However, we no longer want to use this name for these types of bracelets, because of the negative association that the word carries with it. Fortunately, more and more people are using the term Bangle bracelet, and that's how we want to communicate this to our customers. The term describes the style of the bracelet; Namely a smooth, non -flexible bracelet. The Romans also made jewelry in the style. The bracelets were richly decorated and engraved with religious symbols to favor the gods, or to protect against evil spirits. Nowadays this meaning is no longer awarded to these types of bracelets, and is worn for the ornamental. He has become true fashion pieces that you can engrave with a name, beautiful word or symbol.

    Golden Bangle Bracelet 14 carat

    View our 14 carat golden bangle bracelets with silver core from the Timeless Treasures collection. These smooth bracelets are stylish, minimalist and fit with every look. The Bangle bracelets from the Timeless Treasures collection are a wonderful basis for a minimal look and available in both white gold, yellow gold and rosé gold. In addition to choosing the right color, it is also important to take the size of the Bangle bracelet into account. A good feature of a Bangle bracelet is that it stays on your wrist and you therefore do not lose it. But the danger with a too large Bangle bracelet is that it slides off your post and you therefore lose it. When buying a Bangle bracelet, always pay attention to the size of the bracelet. 

    Golden Bangle Bracelet 18 carat

    Are you looking for a more striking Bangle? Then view the collection Queen Bee or La Dolce Vita Before 18 carat gold bangle bracelets. These golden bracelets will be real eye -catchers because they are set with diamonds and/or color stones. In the Jolie collection you will find fine Bangle bracelets, which are set with precious stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond. The Bangles van La Dolce Vita are real statement pieces and will certainly stand out because they are set with diamonds.

    Silver bangle bracelet

    In addition to Golden Bangle Has Diamond Point Also a number of silver Bangle bracelets that are made of silver. Silver Bangle bracelets are technically more affordable than gold Bangle bracelets. Nevertheless, silver bracelets look great with an outfit. Do you opt for a flat/angular Bangle bracelet or a classic round Bangle bracelet?

    Open bangle bracelet

    In the Queen Bee and La Dolce Vita collections you will find open Bangle bracelets, these are finished at the end with color stones and diamonds. Choose a Bangle bracelet with diamond if you are looking for a beautiful one.

    Bangle bracelet engraving

    In addition to diamonds and precious stones, you can also decorate Bangle bracelets with a special message, so you always wear a bracelet with a special meaning. Bee Diamond Point Is it possible to engrave your Bangle bracelet if technically possible. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then visit one of the Diamond Point Shops or contact customer service.

    Buy Bangle Bracelet

    Bangle bracelets are classic and timeless and can be worn by everyone. Bangle bracelets can very well wear a separate bracelet, but they are also suitable for mixing and matching.

    Have you found a beautiful Bangle bracelet in the webshop of Diamond Point But would you like to view the Bangle bracelets first? Then visit one of the shops in the Bijenkorf. The Diamond Point Sales Advisors can help you with the choice of Bangle bracelet. Don't have time to visit the shop? Have your Bangle bracelet delivered for free and insured at home or at another desired address. After receiving your Bangle bracelet you have 14 days to view it. If the Bangle bracelet is not satisfactory, you can return it free of charge.

    In addition to Bangle bracelets you will find Diamond Point also a large assortment tennis bracelets, fine bracelets and Bracelets set with color or precious stones. This way you will find Diamond Point A suitable piece of jewelry for every occasion.