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    Diamond jewelry Diamond Point

    Diamonds Are Forever. A diamond jewelry Do not only buy for an engagement, it is the perfect gift for every occasion. You don't buy a diamond piece of jewelry every day and because there are many different options, the choice may seem overwhelming. We are happy to help you in advance so that you get a better idea what kind of ring you want to choose. The following points can help you with your purchase. 

    1. What kind of gold do you want in your jewelry?
      All jewelry of Diamond Point are made of 14 or 18 carat gold. The carat gold stands for the purity of the gold in the ring. There is more pure gold in rings with 18 carat gold than in 14 carat gold. 14 and 18 carat gold are particularly suitable for making jewelry. By taking good care of your gold ring with diamond, your piece of jewelry will also last a lifetime.Diamond jewelry in yellow goldDiamond jewelry in white gold or rose gold Nowadays are very popular and are also suitable for deploying diamonds. A White gold jewelry with diamond Let a diamond come into its own.
    2. Grinding shape of the diamond (s) in a piece of jewelry
      In addition to the material and the color of the jewelry, it is also important to look at the Different sharpening shapes. The grinding shape is the shape in which the diamond is sharpened. The most popular grinding shape is the brilliant sharpening, where the diamond is cut around. Another timeless and classic option is the Princess Cut, where the diamond is cut square. Do you prefer something more unique? Then view the grinding shape Hearts & Arrows. read here More about the different diamond sharpening shapes.
    3. Price of the diamond jewelry
      If you choose a gold jewelry with stone the prices can vary considerably. Especially when you choose a gold jewelry with diamond. Bee Diamond Point We have jewelry with diamonds for every budget. If you have a small budget, look at the collections for example Joy or Starlight. You already have a gold jewelry with diamond from 225.