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    Color stones or precious stones have been caused by processes in the earth. The rock is created by cooling and becoming hard of magma and lava. The rock can also be caused by extreme heat and pressure, which means that the rock is undergoing a physical change.

    Jewelry with color stones or precious stones

    Color stones were processed in jewelry well before our era. The most famous gems are diamond, blue sapphireruby and emerald. The color, grinding method, purity and the carat weight determine the value of the stone. In addition to precious stones, there are also color stones and minerals. Color stones have a lower price because they generally occur more often than precious stones. Moreover, color stones are brittle than precious stones, just think of the hardness of a diamond. Examples of color stone are citrine, topaz, smoky quartz, tourmaline, pearl, moonstone, chalcedone and pink quartz. Via the stone type filter on the website of Diamond Point You can easily search for your favorite gem or color stone. Eval jewelry with color stone are striking and immediately attract attention. Choose from different color stone ear jewelry in combination with diamonds.

    Eval jewelry with monthly stones

    Every gem has certain properties that would have a positive effect on its carrier. These properties are reinforced when you wear the gem of your birth month. Are you curious about what your birthstone is? Look at here Then the monthly stone page.