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White gold diamond ring Diamond Point

A white gold diamond ring is nowadays totally hip in the wedding industry. Many couples are increasingly opting for more bling. A white In combination with diamond stones, the ideal option is often for this. However, white gold rings are not only suitable for when you get married. In our range you will find different types of white gold rings with diamonds. Think about friendship ringsclassic rings and rings.

Properties of the material

The amount of gold in carat is also indicated in white gold rings. For example, jewelry in the white gold is also indicated with, for example, 14 or 18 carat gold. For the development of jewelry, 24 carat gold is almost never used (almost 100% gold). This is because gold is naturally a soft material. If this is processed too much in the jewelry, the chance is also greater that it will break or will be damaged quickly. For a large part, jewelry is created from 14 or 18 carat gold. Part of copper, silver or palladium is added for the shelf life and color. 

Quality diamond

With a diamond, the quality can be measured in carat, color, purity and grinding shape. The carat indicates the weight for diamonds. There are also diamonds in different colors. This way the color can differ from completely colorless to a more yellowish glow. However, this is not recognizable with the naked eye, with most diamonds. In addition, diamonds are found in all colors of the rainbow. 

For yourself or for your loved ones

Soon a white gold diamond ring is thought of one fidelity or engagement ring, but this does not always have to be the case. Diamond rings in white gold are nowadays used and worn for different occasions. Even if you buy it as a gift for yourself or for your best friend, a white gold diamond ring is an investment that will last your entire life. 

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