There is always room for one more

Do you also often have trouble choosing which bracelet you should wear?
Then you should definitely not miss the trend 'Bangle Stacking'!

How to: Bangle Stacking

Bangle Stacking means that you wear multiple (Bangle) bracelets at the same time for the same wrist. By wearing different combinations you can completely create your own style. Stacking is the best way to stand out. This also applies; More is more! Stacking can be adjusted to any lifestyle and any dress code: a well-combined Bangle Stack can have a solid outfit transformed into a current and stylish look.

No rules apply to Bangle Stacking. From subtle to statement looks, everything is possible! Leave your creativity in the barrel and make the most beautiful combinations. Combining several Bangle bracelets in different styles may take some getting used to. That is why we have someBangle Stacking Tipslisted for you.

1. Choose a style

"Keep Things Light" or "Express Your Maximalist Side"

Are you going for minimal or do you opt for a bangle stacking over the top? The choice is yours! You base your style on the latest trends and of course on the rest of your outfit. Stacking makes it possible to combine countless styles and to adjust and change them daily. This way you can choose to create a minimalist look during the day and to stand out more by wearing real eye -catchers during an evening out. In that case you can opt for a Bangle bracelet from ourLa Dolce Vitacollection. The statement jewelry mirror the glamorous Italian lifestyle, full of delicious food, good wines and stylish fashion creations. They stand for dancing in designer dresses and endless walks through Florence and Milan. Feel passion and joy of life when wearing these gold eye -catchers.

2. Determine the number

Combining several Bangle bracelets depends on the style you have chosen. If you go for a minimalist look, you could combine less bangle bracelets than if you opt for a statement look. You can of course also go for a combination of minimalist and statement. The number can also depend on the occasion. During the day you may choose to wear less bangle bracelets than in the evening or during the weekend. So there is no perfect number for stacking, you can determine this yourself!

3. Form the basis

When you have chosen the style and the number, the basis can be formed. Often the basis is a yellow, white or rose gold (Bangle) bracelet. Choose one that should not be missing and then expand this by combining different (Bangle) bracelets, completely in keeping with your chosen style. For example, form the basis with a Bangle bracelet from the Timeless Treasures collection. The collection is stylish, simple and easy to combine. On the one hand, the jewelry forms a wonderful basis for a minimalist look, or can be expanded on the other with different types of jewelry for a rich and or a festive look.


Ensure balance

Stacking is mainly about balance. It is possible that your idea will actually look less beautiful than you had thought or hoped. This way the outcome can be disappointing when you see multiple statement Bangle bracelets next to each other and you will eventually find this "too much". In that case, choose to wear a striking Bangle bracelet and combine it with something simpler in between. This can be both a thinner Bangle and one or more minimalist bracelets. Does this turn out to be just too subtle? Then combine a thin bangle bracelet with one or more statement bracelets. This way you create a good balance and beautiful contrasts.

5. Mix & Match

Now that the basis has been formed and balance has been created, it is time to play with various options and combinations. This includes diversity in material, colors, diamond, precious stones & pearls. Here too, endless combinations and variations are possible, it is just what you would like to make. With colorful accents you turn your Bangle Stack into a real highlight. When playing with colors, take your outfit into account and tune the colors to each other. A combination of yellow and white, and rose gold (Bangle) bracelets give your look a visual contrast. So don't be afraid to carry different materials together. If you want to stand out less, the safe option is to choose, for example, only yellow gold. Does this turn out to be too minimalist for you? Then try combining with colors and/or diamonds. It’s up to you!

6. Ready? Stack!

Are you ready to put together your own bracelet combination? Then discover our wide collection with timeless (Bangle) bracelets. Minimalist, classic, elegant, striking and beautiful to wear loose or to be combined.