Birthstone July: The Ruby

Monthly stone: July


The ruby is strong, has a beautiful red color and is rare. Due to the intense color, the ruby ​​symbolizes love, passion, courage and emotion. For centuries the ruby ​​has been seen as one of the most precious stones on earth. That is why many kings wore the ruby ​​as a piece of jewelry and in their clothing. A medicinal effect is allocated to the ruby: the stone would heal infections, improve the immune system and clean the blood, the body and the lymph nodes. 

History of the Robijn

The oldest written report about rubies indicates that these were already won in ancient times in Burma. From there they were traded and ended up with the Egyptians and the Greeks. Robins have been extremely popular since that time. Due to the deep red color, the ruby ​​radiates something royal. However, rubies are also available in purple/bluish to orange -red tones. The clearest and precious kind of ruby ​​is the 'Burmese Ruby', which, due to its full red color, evokes a bit of blue feelings of wealth and passion. The Burmese Ruby is only won in the Mogok Valley Mines in Myanmar.


Feeling Like A Royal With A Ruby

Add a ruby ​​to your outfit immediately gives a royal look. The color red is fiery and radiates energy. So go for a ring with ruby ​​if you want a simple outfit sparkle. A pendant or necklace with ruby ​​is beautiful on a dress with a simple neckline and a bracelet with a row of rubies adds elegance to your look. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow combined her long pink evening dress with ruby ​​ear jewelry and a ruby ​​ring during the Oscars in 2015. Robines are also beautiful in engagement rings. The engagement ring of Jessica Simpson, for example, consists of a ruby ​​with two diamonds; Each on one side. Also choose this month's stone to brighten up your outfit!

Special powers

Over the centuries, various myths have been created over the ruby. Eastern legends described the ruby ​​as the deepest drop of blood of the heart of mother nature. The gem would also change color: with approaching disaster, the ruby ​​would get darker and if this disaster would disappear, the ruby ​​would become lighter again.

Magic forces were also attributed to the ruby. For example, wearing a ruby ​​promoting your physical health: wearing a ruby ​​would contribute to healing infections and improving your immune system. In addition, the Robijn would give you courage and authority and bring your luck in the financial field. A powerful gem!

Famous ruby

Robins are still very popular and they are worn a lot. A famous ruby ​​is the DeLong Star Ruby, which can be found in the American Museum of National History in New York. This ruby ​​was stolen in 1964, but after paying $ 25,000 ransom, the ruby ​​was found in a telephone booth.


About the stone of the month

Precious stones have been worn as a piece of jewelry for decades. It is therefore interesting to get to know the history behind the stone. Many cultures and people also attribute magical powers to precious stones. They serve as talismans and the stones would improve or protect your life. Moreover, if you wear the stone that fits your birth to birth or constellation, the effect is even more powerful. For each type of stone, features are also attributed to stones that match the person born in the month. It is therefore extra fun to choose a gem that strengthens your character, or from the person for whom the gift is. The Robijn is part of the month of July and is a perfect gift for a 40 -year wedding anniversary.