Birthstone May: The Emerald

Monthly stone: May


The emerald is a beautiful gem with a green color. The emerald is a symbol of power and hope. Due to the green color of the gemaldstone, it is also often associated with spring, in which nature turns green again after the winter. The gem is named after its striking green color: the name Smaragd is derived from the Greek word "emeragdus" which means "green stone". The emerald is one of the nine precious stones in the Thai order of the nine precious stones.

History of the emerald

The oldest Smaragd ever found is almost 3 billion years old. Emerald arise when certain rocks come into contact with penetrating magma. For more than 4000 years, the emerald has been used as a decorative stone for jewelry. Similarly at the time of the ancient Egyptians. The emerald was found in several Egyptian burial chambers. A large collection of emeralds from Cleopatra has also been found. Cleopatra was a big fan!
In addition to the Egyptians, Smaragden were also found at the Aztecs. They processed the emeralds in their architecture, such as in their buildings and temples.


Going Green

The intense green color of the emerald looks good with every hair and skin color. Smaragd green is beautiful to combine with neutral colors such as black, white, brown and gray. Beyoncé, for example, at the Grammy Awards in 2015, combined her emerald elderly and emerald ring with a beautiful black evening dress. Also, emerald well is combining with bright colors such as burgundy or yellow, metallics, or with some softer pastel colors. In short, the emerald can be combined well and the intense greenness of the gem gives energy and freshness to any outfit. Moreover, Smaragd is also popular for engagement rings; Both Jackie Kennedy and Halle Berry wore a ring with the green gemstone.

Special forces of the emerald

Over the centuries, several medicinal effects of the emerald have also emerged; For example, an emerald would have a healing effect for the skin. The emerald would also support lung ailments. Furthermore, the emerald would also strengthen the mind and memory: it would improve your analytical insight, concentration and inner wisdom. A handy gem! 

Steen without Borders

Smaragden are won all over the world. Smaragd has been won in India and Austria since the 14th century, and from 1500 BC there were emerald mines in Egypt.
In Colombia the emerald has also been won for centuries. There are even mines that date from the time of the Incas! Today, most emeralds come from Colombia. Depending on the year, they produce 50 to 95% of world production in emerald. Zambia is in second place. Other places known for the emerald finds include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Brazil and Austria.

Steen zonder grenzen

Smaragden worden overal ter wereld gewonnen. Al vanaf de 14eeeuw wordt smaragd gewonnen in India en Oostenrijk, en vanaf 1500 voor Christus ontstonden er smaragdmijnen in Egypte.
In Colombia wordt ook al eeuwenlang de smaragd gewonnen. Er zijn zelfs mijnen die stammen uit de tijd van de Inca’s! Vandaag de dag komen de meeste smaragden uit Colombia. Zij produceren, afhankelijk van het jaar, 50 tot 95% van de wereldproductie in smaragden. Zambia staat op de tweede plaats. Andere plaatsen die bekend staan om de smaragdvondsten zijn bijvoorbeeld Pakistan, Afghanistan, Rusland, Brazilië en Oostenrijk.


About the stone of the month

Precious stones have been worn as a piece of jewelry for decades. It is therefore interesting to get to know the history behind the stone. Many cultures and people also attribute magical powers to precious stones. They serve as talismans and the stones would improve or protect your life. Moreover, if you wear the stone that also has the effect even more powerful with your birth to birth or constellis. For each type of stone, features are also attributed to stones that match the person born in the month. It is therefore extra fun to choose a gem that strengthens your character, or from the person for whom the gift is. The emerald is part of the month of May and is therefore a perfect gift processed as a jewel for someone born this month. Or, traditionally, as a gift for the 55-year marriage.